Miley Cyrus Gives ‘Bill Clinton’ a Blow Job on Bangerz Tour



Miley and her arse, Miley and her pot-leotard, Miley giving President Clinton a blowjob, Miley and …… well the list goes on and on.

Some days I think she is brilliant and has this “how to stay in the eye of the media” thing perfectly taped.

Then on another days I sit and wonder where it all went so very wrong.  Do very horribly wrong.

I have listened to a few interviews with Miley Cyrus and I have been impressed by her.  Far more than I thought I would be.

I was prepared to find her frazzled, and possibly coming off a Meth high – but she appears bright, articulate and seems be in control of her career.  She speaks openly about what she does.

She does not sound like an unsuspecting naive young girl being pulled and shaped by behind-the-scenes-media-executives who are pulling the strings.

Miley is firmly in control, making the decisions and guiding her own career – and has luminously white teeth.

All the shit she gets up to is well choreographed, and planned, and she makes many of the creative decisions on how she wants to appear, what she wants to do.

She is not coming off a bender and  losing her shit at a McDonalds or Dunkin’ Donuts- this is all planned, she has consented, and is in control of all that is going on.

I saw this link to : Miley Cyrus Gives ‘Bill Clinton’ a Blow Job on Bangerz Tour and it was no more disturbing than the other pieces of theater we have come to expect from Miley.

I am just not sure where you can go after wearing camel-toe leather shorty-shorts, and masturbating on stage with a rubber finger…. I really am not sure where you can go from there, but Miley has shown that actually she is able to make you wince even further, and find new ways of making you wonder about her choices, and what on earth we are having to watch whilst trying to hum along to a song.

I was looking through the comments on the above link.

Often that is where you really find the “cherry” of a great post.  EMPRIRICALLOVE put up this comment which echoes my thinking, but I was struggling to put it into a coherent thought.

Thank you! This has little to do with political commentary and much to do with Miley’s struggle with her sexuality and the role sexuality does/doesn’t play in her public image.

Miley perfectly exemplifies the expectation for women to be deemed “fuckable” by consumers before their talent can be valued.

It is no wonder she is swinging all over the sex pendulum as she tries to stay valued as an artist while growing out of childhood.

If Miley hadn’t been a child star first, her antics would not be upsetting to us at all.

She highlights the nastiness of social expectations. It’s fine to sexually exploit celebrity women because we remove them from their childhood and personhood.

Watching Miley is like watching our daughter or sister or niece and not some random Maxim chick. Uncomfortable? Good. It’s fucked up.

Yep it is all fucked up!

I do have a theory — that we have gone so far past what is decent, and what is considered “good taste” that there is going to be a backlash, and we are going to go back to dancing with a 30cm gap between us, and everything that has got so “outwardly sexual” is going to go through a stage of prudish second wives outlook …. I just hope it comes soon.

How do you shield your children from this shit?

It is slowly being considered “normal” and trying to reason with your child that “normal” is not dry humping a car in a leotard, or masturbating in public with a giant foam finger, or looking like you are sexually available to every hip hop grill-wearing, underwear showing, too much jewellery wearing shit head out there is actually not the “new normal”?

Miley, you are really not making this parenting malarkey easy at all.  Now get some clothes on, and let’s try to appreciate you without having to look at your vagina.  Please.