Local Bloggers Photography Competition

Claire van Dyk posted on Facebook:
At the beginning of November we gave 6 of our favorite local bloggers an Olympus Pen E-P3. Their brief?
They had 10 days to take a photograph depicting a list…of 3 set words – “joy” “curious” and “alone”. At the end of the ten days we took the camera back and collected the three images on the memory card supplied.
Now the images will be uploaded to our Pen Competition album and we’re asking you (their fans) to vote on your favourites.
We have also asked a few local, top professional photographers to judge the pictures and the winner will be chosen on a point system with votes from the Facebook fans and judges votes combined.
The selected guest judges are:
Emma Harbour (www.emmajanenation.com)
Travis & Maike McNeill (www.welovepictures.co.za).
The blogger whose image is chosen as the overall winner will get to keep the camera. That’s right, guys – the Olympus Pen E-P3 is theirs to keep forever!
If you want to tweet some support for the bloggers competing, you can follow us @mycamera_co_za and use the hashtag #GiveThatBloggerAPen
See the images on this link.
Mycamera on Facebook has the images up.
Look out for my submissions amongst the others, pop along and take a look at the gallery.

Happy Oupa Day!

I was trying to explain what Mo-vember was about to the kids.  A bought some cheap and cheerful moustaches from China Town and wanted to get some photographs of them.

Georgia latched on to “Happy OUPA Day” and you know when you just give up, and go “yep, happy OUPA Day” …. so everyone Happy Oupa Day this November.

{I thought it was virtually impossible to channel Adolf Hitler in a self-portrait of myself … it would seem not …. I appear to get this one right on the money}

Kids doing Happy OUPA Day …..

{Georgia so liked her ‘tach that she wore it whilst we were cycling/scootering in the road — I think a child with a Magnum PI moustache is an absolute winner, and will definitely have all the boys coming to the yard…}

Photographs taken with my loaned Olympus PEN E-P3 loaned from the folks over at mycamera.

#mycamerablogger competition