Connor likes to run …. I like to panic, we all have our roles ….

When we drive home in the early afternoon/evening from school, Connor often asks if he can get out the car and run home.

He is not suggesting running from school.  He is asking I let him out the car at  the top of our road, or the previous road – maybe 200 metres, or less – I am never a good judge of distance.

He asked me today and I was “er, do you really have to?”

Loosely translated as: “I really would prefer you not, because you are going to run, and I am sure a car will ramp off the road, and kill you as you run on the pavement, and I will need to watch as you get flattened to death.  Could you just stay in the car, with your seatbelt on and we can get the hell home in one piece!?’

But he asked again and used the “Can I? Can I? Can I? – repeat until ear drums bleed – argument.  Which, inevitably has the response of wanting to throw him under a moving vehicle.

I eventually stopped and let him out.

I gave him STRICT instructions to run on the pavement on the right hand side so he faced traffic.  I then proceeded to drive my car next to him.

Isabelle – who does not speak was screaming : ‘GO GO GO GO !!!” … I was driving so slowly that I even motivated a non-speaking child to acquire the ability of speech!

Georgia was yelling: “Leave him behind, leave him behind!!  Drive MOMMY, drive MOMMY!” … props to siblings who love each other.

Connor asked if Georgia wanted to run with him, she said: “If I run fast I will twip, and the car will get there quicker any way …” Bright girl!

When a car came down the road, I pulled to the side of the road and put my hazards on.  I realised I am a totally OVER PROTECTIVE parent, and staying CALM is just not really something I can do.

I can’t even let my kid run on the pavement without freaking out.

I try, for hells sake I try, but as you will note from my flashing hazard lights on the side of the quiet road, which is actually a crescent so gets almost no passerby traffic, to check that my 10-year-old child, running on the pavement, with ABSOLUTELY NO RISK of getting knocked over (well if you disregard cars reversing out of their driveway … which I did not) .. then I was totally panicking about nothing.

Tomorrow I can attempt something braver …..for me, not for him.