Interrupting the regular broadcast programme on this blog……… with this important announcement

I realise this has nothing directly to do with my blog – bu, but dog rhymes with blog, so really it is not that far a stretch.

Me = sitting and crying snot and tears.

I am sharing this – in the hope that by the end of the day I am no longer making snot bubbles and my dog is back home.

Parker, my French Bulldog got out of my front gate last night (18 June 2015) around 19h00.

We are situated in the Plattekloof/Parow/Northern Suburbs area of Cape Town.

Spent several hours looking for him.  I am under the impression he has just walked into someone’s home.  He is hang friendly and will make himself comfortable anywhere with anyone.

There were no dogs barking in our neighbourhood, and they always bark if someone is walking around and especially if a dog walks past their respective gate.  So based on this Magnum PI approach, I figure he is sitting in someone’s home sharing their couch and snoring.

I am beside myself with worry.  The word anguish does not even hint at it.

Parker, is a French Bulldog, he is micro chipped, a fully intact male, mainly white, with red/fawn markings on his face and a bit on his side.

Last seen in Plattekloof 2 {Parow,Northern Suburbs, Cape Town} area around 19h00 on the 18 June 2015.

If you know anyone who has picked him up, or someone in the area who could have seen him, or someone who just happens to have a new dog ……… please share this post — I can be reached on celeste@happyhelpers.co.za

Please help me #bringmydoghome




Kommin Krismis …. photographic proof …

We do a end-of-year get together with our friends for Xmas every year, it’s impossible to do an actual Xmas Day with our friends – so we aim for as close as possible.

The last few years we have given it a theme.  This year Joyce came up with “Kommin Krismis” … there were few instructions other than to “dress Kommin..” and we had to give “kommin gifts that had to be used for at least three months after Xmas and not just thrown away…”

We live in Parow, so it made sense to do it at our house … sad but true.

Kommin Krismis does leave TOO much to the imagination, and most of it bad.

I boned up by listening to “Die Antwoord” for about two months beforehand. I must confess the music video was more fashion inspiration than anything else.  I do love them.  Kennith bought a Boney M CD, we put out paper plates.  Sorted.

We decided that everyone gets to bring a cooler box and we do a braai (with the emphasis on the rrrr in braai) – Kennith and I bought a garden gnome for our Secret Santas.

I bought my full outfit at Pick ‘n Pay Clothing – bless them for a great selection on short notice.

I managed to find a racer-back sequins shirt for Isabelle with hotpants — bear in mind she is 2.  I am not sure why anyone would want a sequins racer-back shirt for a two year old and hotpants – but Pick ‘n Pay stocks it in the event that an opportunity for putting your child in sequins might occur.

Here are some pics from the day – and no I do not know what is going on in half of them …..