The worst “radio fail” prank ever …..

This is one of those radio shows where the DJ and the listener set up a radio prank.  The listener in this case must call her husband and tell him that their nine year old son is not theirs.  You know, because that will be like super funny.

The listener’s husband needs to hear this news and end the conversation  that he still loves her and wants to continue their life together.

If he does this they will get Khanye West tickets, for Valentine’s Day.  <er, there are so many problems with this idea I can’t even begin to list, but moving along…>

With an IQ of 15 you can work out that there is such a slim/non-existent possibility of this going well, that it is not worth the Khanye West tickets that are promised, or a lap dance from Khanye West and McDonald’s fries afterwards.

The call actually ends up going worse than you can possibly imagine.

My guess is they are not going to Khanye West. My guess is Johnny will not have “married parents” on his 10th birthday.

Total shocker.

Link below.