Flyboy – Prepare to be introduced to the coolest thing on the planet right now ….

I love Segways – they are so much fun, and what is not fun about just standing about and my the simple light shifting of your weight you get to manouever around.

If you have not been one, then add it to your bucket list of things to try.

Also add “start a bucket list” if you haven’t quite got there yet.

It is really fun.  When ever I see the mall security person buzzing around on them, I get mall security envy, and wonder if I should consider switching jobs and become a mall security person.

Segways cost in the regions of R80 000.00 and then some.

As much as I fantasize about punching a mall security person to steal his Segway, it may well and truly be the only way I might own one {until the police arrive, take it away from me and send my raggedy arse to jail} as the cost is slightly out of my price range.  I don’t think I would cope well in jail —- I can’t poo infront of people.  But I am thinking that isn’t probably going to be my biggest issue in jail.

That is the backside of the story …. the part where this gets good is that there are these things available from a supplier in Cape Town (can be shipped anywhere):



It’s basically a Segway without the big pole and handle bars.  Or as I like to call it HOLY SHITBALLS!!

The premise is the same, you stand on it and depending where on your feet the pressure is applied it goes forwards, backwards, turns and is so much fun.

I tried one out the other day – granted it was after two bottles of wine, in a parking lot, with my shoes off, but it is crazy fun.  I will admit to screaming at one point as I was scared I would fall off.  It is about 15cm above the ground.

It’s like my brain knows I can actually just step off it, but my mouth and vocal chords do not make the connection and then proceed to scream like banshees.

The Flyboy was originally designed for commuters to quickly cover ‘the last mile’ on their way to or from work. Because of its size it is not a problem to carry onto a taxi, bus or train. Since its recent launch the popularity has grown and it is now also being used by security guards, for stock picking in warehouses, by managers in large factories, in hospitals, at airports and of course socially by ordinary people wanting to just have some outdoor fun.

This is the Birthday/Christmas/Thanks for Saving my Life present for just about everyone.

You could also use it to exercise the children.

You get on it, tip yourself forward slightly to get some speed, and have your children screaming running after you.

They will get exercise.  You may lose one or two, so I suggest only doing this if you have several.

You can have your ear phones in, so you will be totally at peace, and in the end you will get home relaxed, and your children hopefully so exhausted they will slip into a 24 hour coma.

It’s a very cool toy – check out the very cool video of the Flyboys …… tell me that you have just decided you cannot live one more day on this earth without one!!!

Next big trade show you go to, where you are walking for about 8 hours of the day?  Have one of these little wonders and you can cruise the entire show without you feeling like your feet are about to fall off.

If you catch public transport to work, then use this once you get off the bus or train to give you a little glide to your office.  You will be the envy of all and the most likely to be invited out for beers after work.

They have a standard one, and then one that is an “off road” model.  Both extremely cool looking.

Interested in getting one – contact David – if you use Reluctant Mom as your reference, and send him a screenshot of you liking and sharing them on Facebook – he will throw in a free carrier bag worth R300.00, and through this offer only, David will ship it free to any of the main centres in South Africa.

Now, off you go and spend your money.

As someone said today, Martin McFly the future is here!!!