Sleep writing and eating cake ….


I had about a few years of sleep disturbance.  No matter how tired I was, I would fall asleep but would wake up between 2 and 3am and lie there exhausted, but unable to sleep.  My brain just did not shut down ….

By the end of 2011 not sleeping added to the general symptoms of depression and extreme stress, and really started to take it’s toll.

Any the who, my psychiatrist was treating me for a range of issues, but sleep deprivation is a real bugger, and is often the catalyst that makes it all fall apart.  I was prescribed some tablets to help me fall asleep.  Then another set to keep me asleep, and it was all happy days from there on.

I have been taking them for ages, and once we sorted out the levels so that I don’t feel lethargic or slow in the mornings, then it has been working like a bomb.

The key is that I need 8 hours sleep to allow the meds to work through my system, if I go to bed late (say 11pm) then I feel quite slow and heavy in the mornings.

The tablets are of the sort that I take whilst I am sitting in bed, as when it hits, it totally smacks me over.  There is no operating heavy farm machinery after I have taken my “sleep stuff.”

The other interesting side effect is it causes a bit of amnesia.  In some cases I still appear to be “all there” but unfortunately I have mentally left the room, and my body just does not realise, so I might be doing something or talking about something, and I have no recollection of what I did or what I said.

Last night I went to bed, took “my stuff” and sat and read my book.  Kennith brought me a cup of tea and some cup cakes and a chocolate slab.  I ate one of the little cupcakes, drank my tea and went to sleep.

Or so I thought.

This morning I wake up, and I have drawings all over my left arm.

I think “what have the kids done to me…” but then I realise that the swirls are rather advanced,and the design though from my elbow to my finger tips is a bit more advanced than my kids can manage – it is all swirls and doodles, and clearly is using a few different pens.

I am lying there looking at my arm, thinking “what the fuck” and then my eye drifts to the side table.

My pens that were in my bag, are all over the table.  There is an empty chocolate wrapper, no cupcakes and there are balls of chewing gum stuck on the plate.  It is total mayhem on my side table.

Clearly when my brain went to sleep, my body decided cupcakes, chocolate, chewing gum and drawing on myself with varying permanent markers was a fabulous idea.

… for fuck sakes …… {I should have taken a photograph!}

Your baby a Colic Baby? Have you heard about Baby Calm?

Mandy Morgan over at Baby Calm, was a Chartered Accountant in her previous life.  She decided to pursue her interest in Nutritional Medicine.  A pregnancy with diabolic morning sickness made life a challenge, and keeping anything down more so.

Mandy has two children of her own.  She has been through everything from chronic morning sickness, a child born with a tongue tie, sensitivity to sound and waking up 15 times at night, through to incorrectly diagnosed colic, and possibly every other mommy nightmare that tested her hold on sanity.

Mandy knows first hand how difficult it is to struggle with a child who is not eating and sleeping, and how alone and desperate you can feel as a mom.

Baby Calm is her way of helping other Parents who find themselves in the same situation as she did.

Mandy says: “Colic and Reflux are both taxing in their own right with a significant amount of screaming.

They can both be caused by a food intolerance or allergy and they both cause major sleeping problems- and hence the 4 topics for the website (Reflux, Colic, Food Allergies and Intolerances and Sleeping Problems). In addition Reflux is often misdiagnosed as colic.

South Africa has a number of medical directories and a couple of baby and children directories, but has none that focus on a specific condition and offer Products, Practitioners and Services.

You can find a Paediatric Allergy Specialist on Baby Calm, a range of allergy free products, and a Nanny Placement Agency to find the extra support you need, all in one place!

The family unit and support structure has been broken down over the years with families being spread all over the world, we need to be able to find help in other areas i.e. nannies and home cooked food delivered to our door.

The excessive stress of a continually crying baby increases the likelihood of both Post Natal Depression and Shaken Baby Syndrome- something I hope will reduce with the resources made available on Baby Calm.

We hope that in the future we will be able to open a chat room and perhaps even support groups for Parents to help each other.

My hope for the website is to be a resource for ALL parents, not just those dealing with the four main conditions.

There are fabulous products for any baby on the website.

Everyone is going to need a health Care practitioner at some stage (whether it be a Paed or Kinesiologist) and most people need a well baby clinic too. So as much as the website may appear to be exclusive to the conditions it is really great for any parent.

We have been asked to represent South Africa in the first International Infant Reflux Awareness week in April next year, which will include countries such as UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Germany, and I hope to increase the awareness of this condition which can affect up to 50% of all babies to some degree.”

Baby Calm has the answers you have been looking for!

In these pages you will find an array of South African Products, Services, Practitioners and Treatment approaches to cope with a baby suffering from Colic, Reflux, Food Allergies and Intolerances, and the resulting Sleeping Problems.

Plus practical and useful hints and tips for getting through this difficult phase. And who better to provide these tips, than Parents who have already walked this road! Baby Calm is designed for Parents by Parents.