I really adore my dog ….

I have had Dexter since January 2012 and he really is such a cool dog, I absolutely adore him.

He bounces around the house like he owns it.

He is the perfect size for a dog – has enough muscle and substance to not be able to fit into your purse and at the same time is not big enough to throw your hips out of their sockets when he sits on your lap.

I like that he has a bit of an attitude, and he is such a “busy” dog for the kids.

The kids have a trampoline, and Dexter will jump up on the trampoline and bounce with him.  He has such a ridiculous looking face, that one cannot NOT love him.

I have never owned a Boston Terrier.   I can say I am not in any way disappointed by what he brings to the party.  Any occasion with Dexter is a party because he always looks ridiculous looking.  And he looks like he is always wearing a tuxedo, so you can so imagine him talking in a Sean Connery voice ….. as he lies and farts on the couch — Dexter, not Sean Connery, because that would just be all sorts of weird, and a bit shocking!

On Sunday I took Connor and Dexter and we went and joined the SPCA PURINA Woefie Wandel.  It was a 4km stroll around the D’Aria vineyards with a few thousand other people and their dogs.

Dexter forgets he is only three apples high, and carries on like a rabied half-wit when he is among that many dogs.  But once he got over the rather cramped start, we had a nice little stroll/fast walk and it was a nice morning out.

It was a well organised day.  There was tons of water stops for the dogs and everyone had a good time.  The parking was well organised, they had set up gazebos and there were chairs out — really nice day out for us and our woefie.

There was even a photo booth where you could get a photo with you and your dog!!

Connor and Dexter  {one of them is really happy, the other is like “bitch please …..”}  —


Dexter selling his soul as a brand slut …..


Dexter and me hanging out like the cool people we are ….. I also really need to botox that groove between my eyebrows ….