We are on holiday …. we ate food …

Kennith had plans to run the Otter Trail (I assume one runs the Otter Trail) and then there was talk of a week in Knysna/George area and I was pretty lukewarm about the idea.

Watching people exert themselves is of very little interest to me.

Circumstances changed and we headed out to the Knysna/George neck of the woods and have been here since Monday.

Gorgeous maybe hints at it. I will go into more detail at another time.

Today we headed to East Head Cafe in Knysna.  Kennith has this app Trip Advisor which so far has directed us to one great restaurant after another and today was no exception.

We met a group of friends for lunch – I can honestly say it was one of the best meals I have ever eaten.

I had the fresh fish and chips with calamari, and it will become the bar against which I will rate all fish and calamari from this point onwards — sadly I see much disappointment in my future.

The staff were friendly – really friendly and attentive.  The food was great, it was all just too good.  There was a small issue about the cheese cake that got resolved quickly, and then that became something we could forget about and remember the rest of the great lunch.

The wind was blowing and it was freezing so the outside area was closed off.  Inside was very relaxing, beautifully decorated and the view was one where I sat so I could look at it.  We had a small baby at our table and the staff were really great with offering assistance – and no matter how much we messed and poured beer on the table, they were happy and efficient.

I live at the sea, always have.

I seldom choose to sit and stare at the ocean view because it is all a bit ho-hum, but today was quite exceptional.

If you are ever in the Knysna area and looking for one of the places to eat, then head on over to East Head Cafe.

{PS: They sell a Biscotti with Orange, Lindt Chocolate and Nuts that will make your eyes roll back in your head — and you will buy a few packets because no one should ever go without this Biscotti ever again}

Kennith took these images, I was too busy stuffing my face and drinking my beer (yes I opted for beer at lunch) to take photographs of my food.




We all agreed that my Lemon Meringue had quite a head on it.   Notice the large biscotti display to my right!!


I see that East Head Cafe has been awarded a nomination in the Best Eatery Awards – definitely worth a visit and a vote if you are in Knysna.


{this is not a sponsored post —- }