Mr and Mrs Nixon ….

The weekend at my mom’s home was bliss.  Some days I am in awe of my brilliant decisions, and my brilliant decision of taking Priviledge was no exception.

Wow – it really worked out well for me.  Especially when Priviledge took it upon herself to sort the kids out in the morning.  I was so happy I nearly cried, no I think I did actually have a wet cheek.  Priviledge is so lovely, and I am besotted with her.

She keeps calling me “mem.” I wanted to correct her, but then I felt embarrassed to.  Now she is just calling me “mem” and I have decided to leave it – I am immensely fond of her.

The weekend was wonderful.

The highlight was attending Sue and Ian’s wedding at Mogg’s Kitchen.

It was such an awesome wedding, enjoyed it thoroughly.   Maybe a bit too much.

But that is what happens when one is so full of social anxiety, stress of not taking a good photographs, skipping breakfast and lunch, being packed into a room with too many people you do not know, and being seated at the Tecquila Table.

I am the worst Tecquila drinker in the universe.  Unfortunately peer pressure made me buckle.  One tecquila …. floor, I do not need to do the two or three tecquila part, before it is all fall down.

It was a recipe for disaster, and the proof they say is in the pudding.

Short story – I left my camera bag (sans camera) at the venue and the plan was to grab it in the morning.  Safe venue.  Good plan.  Bad plan was that it contained my car keys and my cell phone.

I woke up at Dave and Alice’s cottage and tried to make a full assessment of my situation, including how I got into Alice’s pyjamas, where I was, who I was and how I got there.

I had a sore toe {which appears to be standard fare when ever I attend a wedding} and a gash on my foot …. sigh …..I recall that happening, but somehow it is always more sore in the morning.

I really need to invest in shoes I will wear the entire time during a wedding, as I tend to kick them off when they start pinching my toes, obviously the lack of shoes does lead to other issues.

Once that all became clear it turned into Plan “hunt for the camera bag.”  I decided not to hunt for my dignity, as somethings are lost for ever.

My (insert Kennith’s) car was stranded and I could not phone my mom to tell her where I was, as I did not have my phone.  Unless I push a pre-programmed number there was no way if hell froze over that I was going to remember it.

We hunted from cottage to cottage for about three hours looking for said bag, going back to the venue, and me realising that I was about to enter the zone of “full scale nervous break down.”

People kept asking me if I had a Plan B if I did not find my keys and phone ….. er no, not really, run away to the circus maybe!

We found the bag – I whooped for joy.  The last people to leave the party took the bag with them, for safe keeping.  Nice people.

To Voelklip, and did not tell me, or anyone else.  Small hiccup in the nice people plan.

But that being said, bag found, keys found, phone found, and I finally got to my mom where I could have a shower, brush my teeth, and have a little sit down.

Sue and Ian had such a stunning wedding.  It was so much fun, because, in part, they are such a lovely-sweet-divine couple, and no one seemed overly stressed about whether the wind blew, or the kids jumped on the chairs, or where anyone was standing.

The wedding was really just a big get together with lovely friends, lovely wine, lovely venue, and well just a really fun day and evening.

I forgot my honey jar gift “thank you for coming to our wedding” in Alice’s car … and I was really looking forward to that on hot buttered white toast.

<from the bits I remember, I am wondering if it is time to commit myself to an AA meeting, but maybe not quite yet.>

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