Vanna White … and Kennith get naked … no they don’t

Following my dream blog post, Kennith sent me this email which he thought was a good response.

It was.  It made me laugh.

Yes, we are that couple that communicates via blog posts and email.  But we draw the line at Facebook updates of “I love you baby ……”

When I wake up before Holly, usually to let the dog out so it doesn’t take a dump on the kitchen floor, I make her a coffee and take it to her in bed whispering, “Time to wake up, you have to get ready for work,” or “Time to wake up, the dog took a dump on the kitchen floor and it isn’t going to clean itself up.”

On one occasion, I whispered, “The police are here. If they ask, I was home last night and you don’t know anything about Mr O’Brian’s cows.”

Sunday morning, Holly woke me up by punching me in the neck.

Thinking that someone was attacking me, perhaps a burglar or an evil doll that had come to life, I rolled away from the blow and out of bed yelling, “What? What’s happening?” Holly, staring at me from in bed, said, “I had a dream you had sex with Vanna White.”

Groggy and still puzzled as to what was happening, I asked, “Who the fuck is Vanna White?”

“She’s the lady that turns the letters around on Wheel of Fortune,” Holly replied, “I dreamt you were having an affair with her and I came home and she was wearing my clothes.”

“What the fuck?” I asked, “She’s in her eighties.”

“So if it had been someone younger that would be ok would it?” Holly demanded. “No,” I replied as I dressed, “but if I am going to get punched in the neck because you have a dream about me having an affair, I would rather it be with someone born after the Civil War.”

“Like Kate Beckinsale? You love her don’t you,” Holly accused. “What?” I responded, “I’ve never even met her.”

“Yes, well,” continued Holly, “You’ve never met Vanna White either and that didn’t stop you.”

Making my way out of the bedroom as quickly as possible, I walked downstairs to make a much-needed cup of coffee and discovered the dog had taken a dump on the kitchen floor.

I checked the source (simple google exercise) and it is from one of my favourite sites – for this and other snort snot out your nose funny posts, please go along to ——-

{I apologise now for costing you about 3 full days of productivity.  Once you start reading you will never be the same, and probably be late for every meeting …. yes, thank me later…}