On the hunt for a Smurf … well a Smurfette …..

Georgia was a smurf in her school concert about two years ago.  Since then she has been loving the “Smurfies.”

It is not exactly a popular toy, so there was little we could do to feed this obsession.

Then the 3D movie came out.

Kennith took Connor and Georgia.  Georgia took her soft-toy you she calls Clumsy.

Georgia loved the movie.

We have the movie/DVD/Blu Ray/BMX?ASAP or  what ever at home and Georgia watches it on loop.

Whilst the movie is on, I can see her mouthing the words.  The same girl who forgets nearly everything seems to have committed the entire Smurf Movie script to memory.

That’ll be useful.  No doubt.

I really would like to say it is a great movie.  I really would.  Some of the quips are clearly aimed at the rather frustrated parent sitting though this movie.

I am a bit of a fan of Neil Patrick Harris – he of the “How I Met your Mother” fame – “It will be legend-wait for it… and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is dairy!”

I love Barney.  So I think he was the only reason I could get through The Smurfs.  Granted he was not Barney in Smurfs.  But he will always be “Barney” to me.

Back to Smurfs.

She loves them.

It reminded Kennith and I that we used to be quite in to the Smurfs when we were kids.  We are talking before 1980 here.  There was a petrol station – I think it might be BP – who had the Smurfs and if you bought 25 cents worth of petrol or something, you got a smurf figurine.  Back then when.  Kennith said he had all of them, and then sold them when he was about 11 or 12 for a stick of gum, or some other not-really-worth-it-for-all-those-cool-collector-characters.

I have been hunting for Smurfette in London.  Smurfette appears to be sold out.  I have been looking for a Smurfette soft/plush toy, and there is just nothing to be found.

Who knew a 50 year old character could be this popular?

I did buy her some small figurines and a smurf house – remember it was a toadstool!

Operation Find Smurfette is in full swing …… it might get side tracked by Operation I-saw-a-really-nice-hair-flattener-Nicky-Clarke-thing-at-Boots-that-I-really-love-and-it-was-50%-off ….