Saturday morning adventures …. and mishaps

Saturday mornings with kids are filled with soft lighting, pillow fights, children presented breakfast to their parents as they wake up from a good sleep, everyone happy, shiny and just happy to be alive.

Well that is what the print media or ad campaigns will have us believe <<the image above is in no way an indication of how my family looks when it greets the big bad world in the mornings>>

The reality in my house bears a stark contrast to this rather “fantastic” image I have always held on to.

This morning Kennith left early for a cycle.  I think he was up at about 5 or 6 – it did not really matter as Isabelle had woken up at 3am and thrown up in her bed, so we brought her to ours.  She continued to do a few more hurls.  We then tried to turn the light off curl up and get a few hours more sleep.

Cuddling sleeping children is always a bit wholesome.  Cuddling sleeping children and sleeping deeply do not always go hand in hand.

So not much in the way of sleep between 3 and 5 or 6.  Georgia then woke up and came to get into the bed.  We attempted to lie there and few more minutes.  I put on CBeebies and thought I could squeeze another hour of me lying there and them watching television.

Ah, the fantasies that we all make ourselves believe.

But that fantasy came to a screeching halt when Isabelle threw up all over the bed, her doggie and herself.  Isabelle then screamed hysterically as she wanted to cuddle her dog to make her feel better, but that was tricky as doggy was covered in globules of vomit.

She screamed as a pulled all the bed linen off, and tried to put her doggie in the washing machine.

In the end I had to run a little dog bath in the basin, and hand wash her dog as if it was alive (keeping its head about water, talking to it, soothing it..) all while Isabelle stood next to me crying with snot running onto her top lip.

I thought I would finish it off by cleaning up the dog poo – it appears my dog has a runny tummy …. again!

Nothing says runny tummy and you really are having a crap morning, than the moment that you try to pick up dog shit and it flicks itself up and lands on your upper arm.  Then you start to dry heave. Your child starts to cry because they want you to come and get their doggy off the line as it is hung up by its ears and she wants it now, and then you heave some more as you realise the shit might have flicked in to your hair.

I do love Saturday mornings – thank fk there is only one Saturday a week, I may not be able to deal with more than that.

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  1. Ha ha! So sorry to laugh at your unfortunate day but only because I can relate!! I have dealt with doggy runny tummy and kids vomit but luckily not together!! We have a german shepherd and a border collie. This equals big poo!! They sleep in the passage and one night we ignored the whining to go out and next morning the passage was covered in poop. Hubby had to leave early (he’s a saint, he usually cleans up passage messes) so I had to do it – with a hangover!! ** stop reading if you get queasy easily ***

    So, stupidly, I decided to use paper towel to clean it up. The smell was not so bad, I thought, I can do this. BUT as soon as I broke the crust (obviously happened early enough to crust) the pong came out and hit me. OMG, the heaving!!! Seriously, I had to go and stand outside, take deep breaths and wipe my tearing eyes more than once!! Well, I am much more alert to the dog’s whining now, I can tell you.

    • reluctantmom

       /  March 5, 2012

      Reminds me a bit of the time we got home and our dog had poo’d in the house so much, that we had to use a the scoop it up …. fortunately we had tiles … but I think I am still mentally crippled!

  2. Yuk! How siffly gross having to deal with that on a Saturday morning. We normally get that right before bed time! I hope Isabelle is better now. Yuk, yuk, yuk on the dog poo. I can only imagine how frustrating and sick it must make you knowing it might have gone in your hair! Your very long hair!

  3. Some weekends ago we had a similar experience with an animal. Our cat had a furball choke and then …. I was dry retching too. It wasn’t as funny an experience as when the cat in Shrek had a furball.

  4. When we got the puppy I refused to pick up her poop and for the most part I have managed to escape doing it.

    The kids do it. They MUST do it – they have no choice. If it is their assigned day they WILL pick it up. FINISHED.

    I have changed nappies, cleaned vomit, stopped nose bleeds – the dog did not come from my body so I refuse to clean up after it!


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