Thanks so much #blogsecretsanta and The Stiletto Mum …..

I received my #blogsecretsanta gift on the 23rd (as we had been away for just over two weeks).  I put my gift under my tree so that I could open it on Christmas morning.

There is truly something delicious about getting a “you have a parcel at the post office” slip in your mail box.

You brush your teeth, put on shoes and head down to your local post office, stand in the queue with your little white slip and when you get to the front of the queue get to say:

“I have a parcel to collect!” and then a person with a name badge brings you a parcel.  You sort of smile all stupidly and just stand there – whilst the counter person’s hand starts to fumble under the desk waiting to push the “there is a freak at my counter alert security” button.

I seldom deal with the post office, but to toddle along and get a suprise gift is pretty high up there with “good things that make you smile”.

Thank you to Andrea Liss who took the time – and the effort – with a total disregard for her bank balance and found me some gorgeous stationery things.  You know how you get things that you did not realise you needed, and then wonder how you ever lived without them – all of them are scattered around my desk in various modes of use (and I now have a kitchen clock on my fridge!!!).

Loved the gift – appreciated the time you took to get them, and send them to me on time — thank you so much!








Well done again to Charlotte/The Stiletto Mum who has set the bar so high this year.

I do not think anyone will attempt to try to organise and run a Secret Santa after this.  You are officially a spreadsheet and organising freak-goddess!!

Wishing everyone who got it together for #blogsecretsanta a wonderful 2013 – well done chickettes!!  And sadly a bit of shame for those who did not make it, and now are about to appear on Charlotte’s Shit List!


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  1. Andrea

     /  January 10, 2013

    You are very welcome, sorry about the packaging, I really had to squeeze it in! xoxo

    • reluctantmom

       /  January 12, 2013

      The package was fine – I quite liked the art on the brown bag. Thank you again!

  2. countesskaz

     /  January 3, 2013

    Happy New Year Celeste. have missed your ramblings and upstream, current thoughts. Hope you have a lovely, successful year and can’t wait until you kak someone out via your blog or alternatively praise someone too! always an entertainment for me…
    p.s what did you get for Christmas?


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