Hidden Camera Catches Child Abuse …..

I saw this video that someone posted on Facebook and it is horrific.  It is quite an old video and dates back to 2010.

I think it is every working parent’s nightmare come true.

We trust our home, and our children to our nannies.  In this video Jeannine Cambell violently assaults the small child, who is less than 11 months old.  You see her throwing things at the child, she smacks him on the back of the head, which knocks him over … and so it goes on.

The family had installed the nanny cam, as they had thought the babysitter was ignoring the baby whilst babysitter.

They had no idea that the abuse was going on.  They had noticed the child had a black eye, but the parents had thought it was due to his older two year old brother.

They had fired her for ignoring the child — and only once she was dismissed did they sit through the video to find that ignoring the child might have really been wonderful if that was all they saw, but unfortunately not.  They contacted the police after they saw the video and laid a charge against her for abuse.

Jeannine Marie Campbell, a babysitter from Jacksonville, FL was sentenced to state prison after pleading guilty to 3 out of 4 counts of felony child abuse.

Duval County, circuit court Judge Adrian Soud sentenced Campbell to eight years – for three separate counts, with seven years probation. She was credited 163 days, after spending six months in county jail awaiting trial. Soud also instilled special conditions – Campbell is never again allowed to care for any children or even be left alone with a child. 

The video is chilling, and I think the part which I struggle with the most, is this could (and can) so easily be your own child.

I trust that the teachers at my children’s schools care for them – but there is no guarantee what someone does when they are out of eye and ear shot.

You hire babysitters and nannies, you do your references, you meet them and get to know them, and then trust the care of your child … I have always trusted Nannies to take care of my children …. watching something like this does make you feel uneasy.

But, and this is about the only thing I want to take away from this experience, is that there are more good people who care for children than bad people ….. but clearly a Nanny Cam is quite a good idea.

campbell_01 campbell_02 campbell_03 campbell_04 campbell_05 campbell_06

Video on Youtube.

What happened to her? Read it here.

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  1. OMG it’s too horrific 😦

  2. I feel sick with horror.

  3. The Blessed Barrenness

     /  March 6, 2013

    I’ve seen this video, it’s horrific, it left me feeling devastated & sick! The thing that blows me away is that the perp got 8 years behind bars for that, and yet, here in the good ‘ole South Africa, yesterday the baby killers of baby Wade were sentenced to 10 & 15 years after they abused and tortured him to death? Something just doesn’t add up!


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