Winners and losers …..

We go along and see Educational Psychologist guy.  I must confess, I was not wowed off my feet.

I sat there looking at this guy thinking “seriously, you are going to help us, really?”  And at one point in the consulation, as I realised we had alreayd got to the hour, I suggested that: “Will you be spending any time with Georgia in this interview?” – said pretty much in that tone.

It appears we will not be Facebook friends moving forward.

He inspired absolutely no confidence in me. I started glaring at him at a certain point, and thinking that Kennith is going to turn to me at the first opportunity and go: ”Why have you wasted my time making this appointment with this tjop?”

What Kennith said instead was that he thought he was super – I was less enamored, decidedly less so in fact.

But that being said, I am going to attempt to take a chill-pill regarding Georgia, and use the “wait and see approach” – one which I am not really familiar with, but with Dr guy recommends.

We have opted to double up on her speech therapy, introduce OT with a focus on concentration exercises, and then at home make an effort to do more games with her so she learns to focus her attention, and Education guy also suggested a book with exercises, called Brain Gym.

He also suggests we try some of these techniques and then relook at her and have her eduationally assessed in about August and then get a real feel for how she will cope in Grade 1 – as it is too early now to get a real indication.

He did agree that her “concentration” and “focus” were a concern.

With that in mind – Kennith came home with two board games last night, and got Connor and Georgia to play Kid Monopoly.  (Kennith loves games, and has endless patience for this sort of thing, me, not so much)

I went downstairs with Isabelle and played with some balloons and Kennith played Monopoly with Connor and Georgia.

After about an hour, Monopoly ended, and Kennith congratulated Georgia on winning, and Connor came second and Kennith lost.

Afterwards, Kennith was saying that he did not “let her win” he tried to play a strategic game, but the key to winning is to “buy without any restraint.”

We were trying to get kids to go to bed after teeth brushing, and a few delaying tactics on their part, they started making moves to bed.   I was braving pouring my first glass of wine for the week – I have been a bit scared of the wine glass since last Wednesday.

Connor is taunting Georgia, as he does, and Georgia, being Georgia is not going to back down, so she is getting in his face, and basically it is Ganglands in our passage.

Georgia then clicks that she has just won a game, and that makes Connor the loser, so she taunts him in this whiney voice that he is a LOSER.  Connor is not a good loser, and does not take this sort of ridicule well.

I know we should have climbed in and stopped them, but it was so funny that we were guffawing in the kitchen.

Eventually we get them into bed – using very stern voices of : ”Okay bedtime now guys, stop monkeying around!”

They get into bed, bedroom doors are left open so we can say good night, give them a final kiss and close the bedroom doors. 

As the quiet in the house settles, we hear Georgia pipe up loudly from her bedroom: “Good night LOSER!”

Snort ….guffaw ….. snort-snort …. we never want to change that girl!

<I know we should teach our kids about the fun is in the game, but hells bells, sometimes it is just good to win, and it is nice when she wins over her older brother.>

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  1. Hi! How/when did you find out that Georgia would need to see specialists etc for attention etc? My daughter at two doesn’t speak as well as her twin brother. She also likes to do her own thing rather than be shown things and how to play with things etc.

    • reluctantmom

       /  April 14, 2011

      Georgia has always been a bit “different” and it is always one of the things I cherished about her.

      But this year she is in Grade R and needs to get ready for Grade 1. Grade 1 is a main stream school, and though I love the fact that she is unique and marches to the beat of her own drum and all that, she also needs to be able to focus and concentrate when she is in a class of 20/25 kids.

      I really started looking at her in the last 3 – 6 months and realising how “different” she is to kids her age. I am fine with her quirkiness and all that, and I do not want her to change, but I do need to her learn to focus.

      The speech issue is a critical issue and I have always noticed it, but kept thinking “it will sort itself out” – I ideally I should have started with more gusto last year instead of thinking that it is just a minor issue that will sort itself out.

      • Thanks for that.
        My twins are now about 2yrs 5mnths. I drift between being concerned for my daughter’s speaking ability to also having days when I think “itll sort itself out”. She can speak, sort of, but its almost like she is lazy (if thats the word) or like only when it suits her.

        • reluctantmom

           /  April 14, 2011

          My other daughter is 22 months and all we have is “caaaaa” – my friend’s daughter is a year and is talking more than Julius Malema ….. I might just stay a bit more aware of it,l and by 4 years old really re-assess the situation and start speech therapy earlier …. possibly my kids are all slow talkers ….. they talk a lot, they just don’t make sense to anyone but me ….

  2. Sharon

     /  April 14, 2011

    It all about FTW (For the win for non gamers)!!!!
    Go Georgia!

  3. Good on you Gerogia! I don’t know Celeste, you do not sound as if you are happy with this guy. Maybe take her asap to the OT and see what she says. I have a lot of confidence in them. L’s speech has hugely improved since he started OT (yes, I did type correctly!). Apparently sensory integration also helps with speech.

    • reluctantmom

       /  April 14, 2011

      I am not confident about this guy – but maybe I expected a white coat, stethoscope, a glass lab and a lot of charisma, I did not get any of that. However that being said, he did make sense, and maybe I need to not run off to specialists with her just yet – so we will do speech therapy, add OT with a focus on focus/concentration and then re-evaluate a bit later in the year.

  4. Tania

     /  April 14, 2011

    Yay Georgia !! You go girl !!

  5. Countess Kaz

     /  April 14, 2011

    GRIN, smile, Laugh. Thanks for that!


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