Extra brilliant Yummy Clothing Sale – Cape Town

What with being unemployed, and overdrawn on all my accounts, now probably is not the right time to go cloth shopping.

Probably the worst in fact.

I am not known for my brilliant ideas or plans, so with that in mind I brushed my teeth, put on clean underwear {always wear clean underwear, you never know what might happen, and you want to be prepared, your mom was right about that piece of advise} and headed out to Cape Union Mart at Access Park {Chichester Road, Kenilworth}.

I heard they were having a 50% sale off Women’s Poetry and Old Khaki Clothing.  50% off already marked down prices.  I was suspicious that this would still mean reams of stuff that was still expensive, but decided to take my pessimistic self down there anyway.

I thought I might do a cursory stop by, as I really did not need anything – my wardrobe was still groaning from the last sale.

I tend to opt for two approaches when I shop.  Approach 1 : I am going to purchase the item that I want, and the price is insignificant.  Approach 2 : I pick up an item, and the cost needs to be what I consider “far below what I would normally pay for it” for me to purchase it.

Approach 1 is for items that I am going to purchase regardless of cost, as it is what I want, and really that is the only motivation.

Approach 2 is for items that I don’t actually need, and if I stand and smell them for long enough (I smell items in stores, I am THAT person) then I purchase it if the prices is what I consider a really great price.

I arrived at the sale, resolve in hand, and unfortunately once I started browsing, I loading my arms with as much as I could carry.

I was not quite sure how I was going to pay for this lot, but it appears the g*ds at Standard Bank were good to me, and allowed me to withdraw even more cash against my already bleeding overdraft – but I will need to find another way to pay for petrol to put in my car if I plan to drive it anywhere for the balance of the month.

The flashing light on my petrol guage has decided to stop flashing at me – as it has realised I am just going to continue to ignore it anyway.

I walked out {to clarify, after paying} with 1 very woolly, very warm jersey, 5 shirts of varying type – mostly Poetry stuff – and  1 jersey you would wear over a light vest/shirt {which I am doing today, I do love wearing new clothes straight out of the bag}.

It’s a really good sale – you can purchase stuff for Mother’s Day coming up, which is a win, much rather have a Poetry jersey, or shirt than a crappy heart shaped soap set!!.

The one Poetry shirt was R299.00 retail, it had been reduced to R199, then R150.00 and as this was a 50% sale off sale stock, I paid R75.00.  That is much more in my price range – and makes me all sorts of happy.

Sale runs whilst stock lasts and the sale assistant said they get new stock in each day – so if you have a few rand to burn, pop along to Cape Union Mart Outlet Store, Unit B35, Access Park, Chichester Road, Kenilworth, 021 674 6398.

For sanity sake, leave the kids at home {and the husband actually} – wear a vest, or snug fitting shirt so that you can try stuff on in store rather than having to nip into the changing rooms as there are two and they get a bit manic.

Extra idea : take along an empty shoulder bag where you can drop merchandise in to free up your hands to find more stuff, and that way you have your phone/wallet in your pocket, and bag over shoulder to stuff with stuff to buy, so that you are organised when you get to the till.

Good sale, you can find some yummy stuff for Winter!!  Enjoy!

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  1. Why do they always have sales when I really can’t afford to shop. Bloody hell.

  2. Hilary

     /  April 23, 2012

    Thanks for the heads up Celeste. I went along on Friday after reading your blog and got 2 really nice shirts. It is important to note that unless you are a pixie size 6, 8 or 10 your choices are limited.

  3. Kennith

     /  April 20, 2012

    Also on at Atterbury in Pretoria and WOODMEAD in Johannesburg – so Guatengers can also score!

  4. Alexandra

     /  April 20, 2012

    Will have to investigate – love Poetry!

    P.S. Don’t they give staff discount on sale items?

  5. I really must start blogging daily.

    I see shopping much like you do (when manic bi polar kicks in I am worse!!! I am unemployed by choice at this time so I have to explsain purchases to dear husband. Thankfully he is pretty giving.

    Only problem is that I have lots of clothes but from all the meds I had pumped into me during the last year, none of it fits which I fucking hate!!!!!

  6. Tracy

     /  April 20, 2012

    Awesome thank you for this. I have already arranged a babysitter and a shopping buddy – my mom (hoping she spoils me, lol) YAY just in time for winter 🙂

  7. Now that’s a really good sale indeed. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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