Isabelle might be MENSA material after all …….

Isabelle is still not talking.

What I mean is she is not saying Mommy!  She manages to garble together “dog” “cat” yuck “juice” and “daddy.”

She says a few things, and has acquired the ability to grunt or whine which contains no consonants, only vowels.  But somehow I am able to understand when she wants Flings, a chocolate biscuit or some water.

Granted I just give her one of these three options, when she makes this sound and it appears to keep her happy.

I have begun a twinge of concern regarding her “mental capabilities” because she is not coo’ing mommy, or even mama. (either that or she has a dislike for me)

This morning I was using the bathroom facilities.

I turned to use the loo roll.  It was nearly finished.

Isabelle is standing there.  She sees me reach over to the loo roll.  She is able to assess that the roll is nearly finished.  She immediately walks over and goes to fetch a new roll (which is kept in a little wooden box under the handbasins) and brings it over to me (I had not asked for it.)

I really do not need her to say mommy right now.

She is able to gauge a toilet roll is empty and get a new one (and throw the old cardboard roll into the dustbin), there are adults I know who still cannot do that.

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  1. I hear Einstein only talked at 3 – so there you go!

  2. LoriF

     /  October 4, 2011

    I can see Isabella’s future. She is going to be one of those ‘raakvat’ women!!

  3. Yay Isabelle, I say that’s a far more complicated – she obviously has a sharp brain. There is a saying “empty vessels make the most noise”

  4. Yes.And my husband is one. Not being able to find the toiletpaper and actually putting it ONTO the little roll holder thing.

  5. She is definitely a genius and I think you need to get her to teach men all around the world that trick 🙂

  6. these monkeys age us at the best of times. and surprise us too. well done Isabelle. you beaut!

  7. Nisey

     /  October 4, 2011

    LOL – can i borrow isabelle to teach hubby that trick!

  8. Hilary

     /  October 4, 2011

    You see? Who says words are so important anyway? The child’s practically a genious. She’ll be one of a kind – a woman of few words LOL.

  9. Spirited Mama

     /  October 4, 2011

    Well done Isabelle! She’s a special child.

    I gave up on Joshua constructing sentences like other kids his age. He’ll do it on his terms & conditions.

    Miss you RM


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