Sometimes a picture says what you think …..

I really am a fan of blunt cards and the way they say exactly what I am thinking.  In the most politically incorrect manner possible.

Before you start clicking your tongue in judgement and wondering whether you should compose a quick note to me drawing my attention to the joys of motherhood, and what I may missing, please don’t — really please don’t.  Not this week.

I love my kids – I know at times with the amount of emotional vomitting I do, you are starting to wonder at which point do you actually call Child Services.

I have realised I just don’t enjoy being a mother all the time.  The job is hard, it is thankless, it is monotonous, it does not pay particularly well, and it stretches your patience level more than your IQ level.  I know we are all programmed to say how much we doggone love it, and that it is the best job in the world, but seriously I have no idea which spin doctor is selling that sh&t to us, and more importantly why we are eating it up.

I am having some concerns it is possibly men who would rather go to the office than clean shit of tiles, and also previously disgruntled moms who figured if they had a shit time of it, there is no way they are telling in the event you find a way to get out of it and rob them of the happiness of watching you have a nervous break down.

I have no idea how this conspiracy was started.  But I appear to be as much of a “victim” as the rest of you chumps.

I know that I need to just keep my head down until it passes and I am all unicorns and fairy dust, until then, not so much.  But that being said this Blunt Card so perfectly tells you what I want to say – or say as a whisper to myself 1/2 the day at the moment.

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  1. Oh good heavens yes, that card says exactly what I am feeling after this week.

  2. Ha ha I agree!

    PS: Did you change your settings recently? I read your blog on Google Reader at work and it doesn’t look so obvious that I am on a blog since it is white and you can’t see the pics on the side. Kind of sneaky, getting my blog fix in during the day! But the last few days I only see the first few lines on the reader and then have to go right into the blog to read the rest of your post. Makes it more obvious to the rest that I am not indeed working!! So was just wondering what changed and if you can change it back. I know, very forward of me and not really your problem at all!! You can slap me later! Just thought I’d mention it……

  3. That blunt card made my damn day. As I have been having an all around crap week, this came at the right time.
    Personally? I think whoever started the damn conspiracy needs to be shot, hung, drawn and quarterd. Is that too much? 😉

  4. Sharon

     /  February 9, 2012

    I so get what you’re saying! I love Ava with all my heart but parenthood is hard hard hard! I wouldn’t change it for a thing but I’m very happy not to be a SAHM, I don’t think I could have survived it.

  5. This post just made my day. classic!


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